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Website Design for Lawyers


Your Website is a Reflection of Your Practice

As an attorney navigating the courtrooms, you know how crucial it is to make a positive first impression on a jury during your opening statement. The same can be said for how your firm’s website represents your legal practice to the individuals who are considering your services. 

With over 96% of users searching online before choosing a legal team to represent their case, potential clients are comparing your firm to your competition before making a decision (National Law Review). If your legal practice’s website is slow, archaic, or does not satisfy the mobile-user’s experience, your potential clients could already be on to the next lawyer’s site. 

At 1SEO, our website design and development team applies a multidisciplinary approach that is personalized to fit your practice and needs, attracting more web visitors and converting them into clients.

Our Approach to Website Design for Law Firms

Our team of web developers understands the dual nature that makes up a successful website. Your site must be optimized for SEO for legal keywords to rank highly in search results to reach your audience while also remaining visually pleasing to retain visitors and convert them into clients for your legal practice. At 1SEO, we create sites that not only reach a broad audience but also keep them on-site and lead to conversions.

Keeping the Mobile-User In Mind

At 1SEO, we understand that your website is a reflection of you and your company. Having a slow, inefficient, and hard to navigate website not only portrays your company in a negative light, but it also makes it difficult to turn your clicks into conversions, and ultimately, hurts your bottom line. We can minimize your bounce rate and get more people engaging with your firm, all with a custom-built site from our expert web design team.

With a sleekly designed website, you can attract clients and keep them on your site longer by offering them an enjoyable and streamlined experience. In fact, using our team of web design specialists, we can create the ultimate end user experience for potential clients looking for your services. All this leads to more business, and revenue, for your firm.

Why is Website Design Important for Law Firms?

Your website is a reflection of your legal practice. A well-maintained legal website is informative and engaging, keeping visitors on-page longer and converting them into clients for your legal practice. With clean and creative user interfaces, the sites we create engage your audience while building rapport for your law firm.

When you partner with 1SEO for your law firm, we get to know your practice and what makes you unique before establishing goals to achieve. We then create a custom action plan to match your needs. We provide full-service web development to modernize your site and ensure that it is mobile-friendly, allowing you to reach potential clients no matter how they are searching for you.

We Rest Our Case

Whether you turn to 1SEO to rejuvenate your law firm’s old, outdated website or are looking to build a flashy new site from the bottom up, our experienced team of website designers and developers will provide you with a website that sells itself and helps grow your legal practice.