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Google Local Services Ads (LSAs) for Lawyers

Growing your law practice can prove challenging when you face formidable local competition. Everyone vies for prime digital real estate that can put their firm in front of as many people as possible. While a strong PPC campaign can help get your name out there, wouldn’t it be nice to get your firm into the top position, even above the PPC ads at the top of a search page? With Google’s new local service ads, now you can!

Local service ads for lawyers and legal firms provide you with new ways to engage with prospective clients in new markets and create avenues for lead generation. Now, as lawyers and their law firms figure out how LSAs can help grow their practice into new service areas, questions about what they are and how to properly leverage them are natural.

With the experienced team at Philadelphia’s 1SEO Digital Agency handling your LSA management services, you can rest assured that your campaign budget is in good hands.

Local service ads are designed to get more phone leads for lawyers and legal professionals. This type of Google ad aims to provide customers with easier access to the services that benefit their current needs the most. The goal becomes matching clients and businesses with qualified leads that become a positive experience for all parties involved. For individual lawyers and law firms, LSAs feature a pay-per-lead model, so you’re only charged for quality leads that come your way.

LSA Management Services for Legal Practices

As more lawyers and legal practices look into local service ads, they want to know how the process to qualify for them is. With an experienced legal LSA management services company at your side, you can learn the difference between — and harness the power of — a Google Guarantee and a Google Screened badge.

1SEO’s team breaks down the screening process and background checks that go into qualifying for LSAs and ensure you are involved with every step of the process. We’ll help you earn your Google Screened badge and get the new market expansion you need to grow your business.

Pay-Per-Lead for Lawyers and Law Firms

Finding the right budget to make local service ads make sense for lawyers, legal firms, and other professional services can prove to be a tricky balancing act. You want to ensure you have enough money put into the campaign that it gets out in front of new markets as you focus on the expansion of your service areas. With LSA campaigns operating on a pay-per-lead model for lawyers and law firms, you can focus on quality lead generation and sift through the noise and false positives that can sometimes surface during other campaign initiatives.  

Under the pay-per-lead model, your LSA campaign is only charged when a qualified lead is delivered. Through the LSA dashboard, you can interact with prospective clients and provide the kind of personalized customer service that distinguishes you from the local competition, regardless if you are in a sprawling metropolitan area such as Philadelphia or a widespread, predominantly suburban locale like Bucks County.

LSAs for Lawyers: Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a quick list of the most common questions about LSAs and their answers that professional services may have:

Local Service Ads are a special kind of pay-per-lead ad that professional services can utilize to generate more qualified leads. LSAs are placed at the top of search results and provide more targeted results for users looking for specific services.

Local Service Ads work by pairing professional services with potential clients that require a particular service. These qualified leads come in the form of phone calls and messages that business owners can manage from a dedicated LSA dashboard to track the data and manage bookings from these leads. LSAs operate on a “pay-per-lead” model, and you only get charged for leads that turn into bookings and conversions.

A Google Guaranteed badge represents the end result of the screening process professional services must undergo to participate in the LSA program. Through a series of business and individual level background checks, your business is put under the microscope to ensure that the services you provide meet the standards set forth by Google. The goal is to pair customers and clients looking for specific services with the best their region offers. Every member of your organization has to pass a background check to qualify.

With the help of an experienced LSA management services company, you can begin the screening process to qualify for the LSA program. Once approved, you can download the app, set up your campaign’s details, and launch the ads. Once the ads are live, you can access the LSA dashboard and begin interacting with the qualified leads that your campaign has generated.

Local Service Ads are still only available in select markets and industries, with professional services being one of the most recently added verticals. You can find out if your business qualifies for Local Service Ads on their sign-up page.

Local Service Ads provide a wealth of benefits to both the professional services running them and their prospective clients searching for that service. LSAs are placed at the top of a search engine result page, giving people streamlined access to services that best match their current needs. LSAs better match clients with professional services that fulfill their needs. Businesses receive more qualified leads and only pay for the ones that convert.

Partner with Our Digital Marketing Agency for Impactful Local Service Ads for Lawyers and Law Firms

Finding the right company to help you create and manage your local service ads, lawyers and legal practices agree that 1SEO reigns supreme! Our experienced team works hard to deliver the results your campaign needs to effectively grow your business and do so in a budget-friendly manner. Contact us to learn more about how our Bucks County-based operation can help lawyers and legal firms with Google local service ads onboarding and management.