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Social Media Marketing for Lawyers

Become the Lawyer Everyone Knows with Social Media Management

When people are in the process of choosing a lawyer, they’re going to call the one with the best reputation, who they feel they can trust, to represent their case. With more than 2.65 billion people worldwide on social media, it’s necessary for your law firm to leverage these platforms to build their reputation and reach untapped audience demographics.

With 1SEO Digital Agency’s social media management services, your law firm can focus on your clients while we proactively maintain your social media presence & online reputation.

Avvo Account Manager

As part of our comprehensive digital marketing services for law firms, we can even set up, optimize, and continually update your firm’s account on Avvo, the industry-leading marketplace and reviewing service for lawyers. Having your account managed on this site can not only provide you with endorsements for your services, but attract new clients and business for your firm.

ABA Blueprint Partner

As an official partner of the American Bar Association’s Blueprint program, our agency is committed to stay at the forefront of the legal marketing community by leveraging ABA Blueprint’s A.I. to connect our clients with their network of over 400,000 active members to help educate attorneys and create new networking opportunities. Through these resources, 1SEO’s team is able to stay up to date with the latest news in the world of legal matters. 

How Does Social Media Benefit Law Firms?

With the effective management of your social media accounts, we can create campaigns that are not only interesting and shareable, but resonate with potential clients. The bottom line is, paid social media management can help you reach more of your targeted demographic.

By creating engaging content, we can further your brand reputation and give it the reach it deserves. In short, by partnering with 1SEO’s social media specialists, you can:

Social Media Content Matters More Than Ever

1SEO’s dedicated team of social media specialists takes a strategic, customized approach to separating your law firm from the competition across the social media platforms that your audience. Through creating meaningful content that helps connect your firm to potential clients, we’re able to demonstrate your legal expertise, build trust with your audience, and reaffirm your practice’s authority and client success. 

Long gone are the days where people in need of legal services are sifting through the phone book to find a lawyer in their area. In the digital era, you need to maximize the amount of online real estate your law firm is occupying across the web and social media is the next phase of the digital marketing revolution.

Our Approach to Social Media Marketing

We construct unique and creative social media initiatives tailored to meet the specific goals of your firm. Implement our efforts across multiple platforms depending on your target demographic and build client loyalty, 1SEO puts your firm in front of the audiences that matter most in growing your practice. These platforms include, but are not limited to:

Our social media experts design purposeful posts and advertisements that increase engagement and click-through-rates while delivering consistent and appropriate messaging. In this manner, we target your audience better to build name recognition to earn you more clients in your area.

When you partner with 1SEO, you build a new relationship you can trust. When we implement social media campaigns for your law firm, we closely monitor and regularly report on these efforts to ensure we are getting the results you need and expect. We believe in honest communication and transparency, granting you full access to your account information so you can view and understand the measurable successes of your accounts and will even build you a custom reporting dashboard to display all digital marketing campaign performances.

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When you partner with 1SEO Digital Agency for your law firm’s online success, we give you our maximum effort every day to help you build trust within your community, achieve your goals and generate a positive return on your investment.