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Search Engine Optimization Services for Lawyers

Put Your Law Firm on the Map with SEO

At 1SEO Digital Agency, our SEO experts understand that there is no one-size-fits all strategy when it comes to search engine optimization for lawyers. Offering a full-suite of SEO services that will, over time, build your firm’s online presence; our team tailors each SEO campaign to meet the goals of our legal clientele.  

The essential components of any successful SEO campaign include:

Reach the Right Audience with SEO for Lawyers

SEO for lawyers begins with identifying and choosing the right keywords to optimize for. Keyword phrases are combinations of search terms that people type into search engines such as, “personal injury attorneys in Philadelphia,” or “injury lawyer near me.” 1SEO Digital Agency uses a variety of SEO and keyword research tools and best practices to provide our legal clients’ the best results based on real-time Google search trends. Then taking those keywords, our content marketing team will craft quality, optimized on-page content to help your firm get found in the search results.

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Optimize Your Law Firm's Website for SEO and Generate Quality Traffic

In order for search engines such as Google or Bing to find and rank your firm in the results, your website needs to be secure, logically laid out, and satisfy the needs and overall experience of the end-user. 

Much like attorneys, search engines work in a very methodical way when it comes to ranking. Google’s “bots”, for example, first “crawl” a website’s content, indexing what they’ve found, and then deliver it to consumers in the search results based on ever-changing ranking criteria from best to worst. 

Our dedicated team of SEO specialists and content writers will take an in-depth approach at understanding your firm’s mission and area of focus to deliver the website content that is not only optimized for search, but represents your brand and unique vision.

Google My Business for Lawyers and Law Firms

Another key component to any lawyer’s local SEO strategy is to claim and verify your firm’s Google My Business Listing (GMB). Google My Business is an excellent tool that increases your company’s chances of showing up across a number of platforms like Google Local Pack, Local Finder, and Google Maps. We recognize how important localized search is for our legal clients; therefore setting up an accurate Google My Business account is priority when it comes to being found online and gaining new clients’ trust.

Targeted Outreach for Lawyers

Targeted outreach has become an invaluable technique to our digital marketers, as an effective outreach strategy will produce greater organic search engine visibility, client leads, and website traffic.

The process is simple. Using advanced research methods, we will delve into your untapped demographic, reach out to credible publishers and authoritative websites, which, in turn, will grow and establish brand awareness for your firm. We will then continue to monitor and evaluate the targeted outreach campaign, promptly addressing and making changes as needed.

Building Quality Backlinks for Your Law Firm

Having quality backlinks is an essential component for the health of any website. While some companies may recommend “buying” links to gain visibility quickly, this practice can actually damage your site in the long-run. As we build links over time to sources that Google views as trustworthy, we strengthen the credibility of your website. Eventually, this will help your website rank higher in search results.

An SEO Strategy Tailored to Your Law Firm

At 1SEO, we understand there’s no uniform approach to your legal cases; each one is unique and should be treated as such. Similarly, we don’t use cookie-cutter approaches to our SEO and PPC campaigns for lawyers. So whether you specialize in personal injury, DUIs, corporate law, or any other niche, we will personalize a plan for your firm that takes into account the types of cases you’re looking for, and attract the ideal clients to keep your phone ringing. 

Leveraging advanced keyword research, along with industry-leading software and analytical tools, we can identify the best strategies for your firm and implement them to get results-driven performance from our expert marketing services.

To learn more about how our SEO services can help you in the legal industry, or to see how a PPC advertising strategy for your law firm can accelerate your success, give us a call today! Be the firm clients see first with 1SEO Digital Agency.